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Ruth is a Melbourne-born Sydney-based Photographer, Poet, Singer, and Painter.

Ruth focussed on photography, singing, poetry and painting followed.

She has collaborated with various artists in the production of work, primarily working solo.

Ruth's paternal grandparents, Keith and Claire Nailer were artists for many years, and her mother Diane inspired her with a love of influencers picked up in Japan.
Ruth was often taken to galleries as a child and had the good fortune to be exposed to books of Eisenstadt, Modotti, Margaret Preston, Renoir's work and Art over the ages. 


Ruth learned to sing by harmonising with records featuring the Andrew's sisters, Buddy Holly, Muddy Waters, Aretha Franklin and other luminaires. Her style is an eclectic melding of Soul, Motown, romantic and classical greats and modern rock.

Ruths faith is core to her very bones, her name was sourced from the old testament. You can find a lot of religious themes and references in her work.

Art style:

Sacred, colourful intensity and contrast.

Finding the sacred and beautiful in everyday moments...

The poetry of motion, light, emotions both big and small, nuances. Angels, space, holiness, fear embrace one another throughout life's tapestry.

I intend to show the softness and the delicacy of light and line while imbuing each image with a richness of tone. Respecting the beautifully tactile nature and texture of my subjects, embodied through tones and dynamic line.

I enjoy addressing themes of hopefulness, learning, development, honing in the midst of life on earth with all its desperation, family, connection, loves lost and gained, motherhood and feminine roles over the ages.


The creative process for me is about being enchanted with a moment in time.

When I encounter that precious moment it captures my heart and I desire nothing more than to savour the memory and forever respect that moment by holding it within the frame. 

The tapestry of experiences that we can enjoy through our senses has encouraged my work to cross over various disciplines and methods. 

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