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Pia Celese is a Sydney-based artist who loves to paint portraits for people, as well as their pets using watercolor paints. She is currently developing a new series of artworks in relation to human eyes. Stay tuned!

Pia has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and a degree in Social work. She is passionate about the mental health industry. Having suffered with her own mental health for most of her adult life has given her the desire to understand the mind, and a deep passion to help others navigate their way through their own mental health challenges. 

Pia was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2009. Her love for writing has led her to share with others her personal journey dealing with her mental illness; Her Personal Memoir. (To be released in the coming months)

Pia is now working on facilitating her own Art/journalling group programs for people suffering from mental health challenges. 

Pia would love to hear from you regarding Art commissions and/or collaborations... Or just a heart felt conversation. 

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