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HeARTful Creative Services brings you carefully curated programs that encompass Craft, Art, Mindfulness and Play (CAMP).

We encourage people to enjoy the creative process and explore our activities with a sense of wonder and curiosity.  


Our activities are developed by Art Therapists and Occupational Therapists. HeARTful Creative Services is a multidisciplinary program with a person-centered approach.

We will create a personalised program according to your NDIS goals and specific interests from our creative activties. 


Participants have the option of using our Occupational Therapist, Art Therapist, or Creative/Wellness Coordinators to facilitate your program. This will depend on your NDIS goals in your plan. 

Benefits Include,

  • Helps reduce stress

  • Aids Mindfulness

  • Personal growth  

  • Creative self-expression 

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Developmental skills

  • Social skills

  • Creative thinking skills

  • Problem-Solving skills

  • Concentration skills

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