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Georgia Strazzeri is a Support Coordinator and Specialised Support Worker/facilitator in areas regarding Mental Health, Well-being and Creativity. 


Her Services include,


i. Providing a person-centered, solution-focused and holistic Support framework. Committed to helping clients practice well-being habits and achieve realistic goals.


ii. Empowering people by Honouring Choice, Supports Independent living, building self-confidence and sense of purpose.

iii. Mental Health & Counsellor training: Provides Mental, Physical, Emotional well-being and stress management Solutions. Encourages a Growth Mindset.

iv. Organising opportunities to build social network,

fun excursions and ways to be involved in thecommunity.


In addition, she has set up her very own program that
encompasses Craft, Art, Mindfulness and Play for all age groups and abilities (C.A.M.P Program) - enquire within for more details.


Her background in marketing/design and art has given her a broad understanding of the creative world, and the ability to support those who wish to pursue a passion or career in this area.  


Georgia is a fun-loving, bubbly character. She is sensitive to her clients needs and cares deeply for their well-being and goals.


Georgias is a Specialised Support Worker in the areas of Well-being and Creativity. She mainly services clients in Sydney’s Inner West and has had the privilege of working in the NDIS sector, Health Care and Aged Care.

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