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Sarah grew up in the Hills District with her brother Christopher and two loving parents. Growing up, Sarah struggled with perfectionism, and very low self-esteem.


Being diagnosed with schizophrenia in her teenage years was very difficult for Sarah to deal with; Her mental health was further triggered when her beloved brother passed away. In honour of Chris, Sarah and her family have vowed to band together and make the most out of life through rich heartfelt experiences. 


Sarah has found freedom and beauty in the arts and self -expression; and hopes others can too. Self-expression has been the gateway to her healing, self-compassion and self-love.  

Sarah spends most of her days crafting, writing or painting. It is through art that she found new meaning and purpose in life, enabling her to have a positive outlook on life and inspire others. 


Sarah is passionate about mental health and connecting with others, sharing her journey and contributing to the community in

a positive way. 

Hunger Pains

The relentless mistakes

Of Careless choices

fighting yourself

Along with the negative voices


Hunger pains 

That just seems to never go away. 

Surviving guilty thoughts

That comes day by day.


Thanks to Inspiration that is all around

Chaotic eating finally turned around.

A Fondness for fruit 

And a chance to reboot.

There is nothing like Finding a healthy substitute.


Strength is what I have found.

My feet firmly on the ground

Making good choices

And defeating the voices


A healthy life to live. 

and plenty of love to give.


- Sarah White

Nature Girl

Thought Broadcasting

A burden turned into a blessing

In a totally unimaginable life lesson

That your every thought was never private

And your inner talk was meant to be heard

You would naturally clean yourself up

By looking deep within

To get out of the rut that your mind is in

and that an insult to someone was just a passing thought

Misunderstood because they can hear your every thought

Somehow lost in translation

Thinking things that you would never want others to hear

Even if my mouth was sticky taped

There is absolutely no escape


Only today I know my thoughts are in their purest form

For it took me years and years to transform

Looking deep within

Forgiving myself from my sins

Form the world hearing my every thought

And all the lessons that I’ve been taught


In a bizarre twist I’ve realised this

That life is precious and passes in the blink of an eye

What you experience is always going to be real for you

So make wise decisions and be aware of your conditions 

and never give up on your own ambitions

Life is beautiful

And is meant to be enjoyed

All you can do is the best you can

Cheers to that



- Sarah White

Flower Girl
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